Achieve Credibility As A Business

Credibility is important. Credibility helps brand your business. It’s also a primary buying trigger. We buy from people we trust and consider experts. The good news is that with a plan you can achieve or increase your business credibility. Here’s how to achieve credibility as a business.

1. Publish. Publication is perhaps the single best way to achieve credibility. When you provide quality information you position yourself as a credible expert. Create a plan to publish in notable places online. For example, write guest articles or blog posts for an industry leader. Seek publication in industry magazines or newsletters too.
2. Teach. Teaching also allows you to establish your credibility. With online teaching technology you can now share your knowledge in a number of ways. You can host online seminars. You can create a forum or membership site. Sharing your knowledge is an excellent way to establish credibility.

3. Be interviewed. Being interviewed can be a nerve wracking process. However, when someone interviews you it also gives you instant credibility. Consider who you might swap interviews with. You can then publish the interviews or make them available on your website.
4. Network. It’s not what you know, it’s who you know. In many ways this is true. You can gain credibility just by who you know. For example, if you’re in the crafting niche and you say, “The other day Martha Stewart told me” you absorb some of her credibility just buy knowing her. Of course you also have to work to retain that credibility. Network, not just with industry gurus but also other people in your field. The more you connect with others the more your credibility will build.
5. Get good press. Good press and publicity also helps boost your credibility. It puts you in the public eye. And if the media picks up on the story then you earn added credibility.

Finally, it’s important to create a sense of professionalism on your website. This is established by clearly communicating your policies and procedures. Have a clear and effective customer service policy. Treat everyone with respect and courtesy.
Credibility is something that’s earned. It’s earned by establishing yourself as an expert in your industry. It’s earned by creating trust with your customers and prospects. It’s earned through consistency, transparency and clear communication. Take a look at your website, your client and customer communications and your publishing opportunities. How can you increase your credibility?