Succeed With Article Distribution

Article distribution is one of the most effective marketing tactics. It drives traffic. It can boost SEO. It can increase conversions. Make sales. Article marketing helps attain just about any business goal. There are some keys to optimizing your efforts.

1. Write quality content. Don’t let others fool you, quality matters. Regardless of your goals, it’s important to write quality content. That doesn’t mean it has to be up for a Pulitzer. Quality content is content that is easy to read. It provides valuable information. It solves a problem. Quality article marketing content is usually very specific. It focuses on a narrow topic that can be covered in approximately 500 words.

2. Use your resources. You have two key opportunities with most article distribution sites. You have a resource box. You also have a bio box. In your resource box include a call to action and a link to more information, a product sales page or a webpage. In your author’s bio include information about yourself. Use this opportunity to establish credibility.
3. Have a purpose for your article. It’s essential that your article marketing efforts have a goal. What do you want to accomplish? DO you want to drive traffic to a sales page? Do you want to grow your email list? Do you want to boost SEO? Are you trying to increase affiliate commissions?

Your goal will define your approach to article distribution. It’ll frame not only your content but your resource box information too. It’ll help you choose the right distribution sites. For example, if you want to boost SEO with article distribution. You’ll want to choose sites that allow search engines to follow your links. Some have a “No Follow” policy.

4. Rewrite your article a few times for different article sites. This tactic can help you make the most return on investment. Take care to ensure each article reads like a unique piece. Test it for originality using online tools. You can turn one article into a few more and multiply your results.

5. Test and track your results. In order to ensure you’re achieving your goals, test and track. Testing will help you learn which articles your audience responds to. You may also learn that one article distribution site works better than others. Repeat successes. Tracking your efforts will help you determine success. Use analytics to help you track.

Article distribution is used by successful entrepreneurs in every niche. Define your goals. Create your article marketing plan. Then use your resources to take action. You can hire people to manage the submission process. You can even hire people to write or rewrite your content. Finally, test and track for maximum success.