Clyne Catering Secures Catering Franchise

A big welcome to Anita Sutherland and Clyne Catering which has secured the catering franchise at Naver Business Centre. Anita will operate the comfortable Naver Cafe, which is open to all comers and will provide the catering requirements for hirers of our many meeting rooms.

Anita is also available to provide catering services to those outside the business centre and is planning a number of themed events. Whatever and wherever your catering requirements, be sure to get in touch with Anita.

The kitchen at Naver Business Centre complies with all current commercial kitchen regulations and Anita’s previous experience at Bayview Nursing Home ensures all food is prepared to the highest standard. Her prices are very good too.

To contact Anita telephone 07757 089608. You can also follow her on Facebook: For further information on the catering options for meeting room hires go to: /business-centre/meeting-rooms/clyne-catering/

Remember you heard it here first - Anita’s bacon butties are going to become legendary!