Developing a Healthy Money Mindset!

Money is one of the biggest stressors people complain about. However, much of the stress is often self-inflicted. If you’re struggling with money, you can change your mindset. When you’re more positive about your money, it changes the way you manage it. A small change in your thinking can make a world of difference in your bank account.

Assess Your Limiting Beliefs

Money is one of those things you probably have strong opinions about. You may be aware of these opinions. You may not. Close analysis is required. Make a list of all of the things you believe about money. Write them down in sentence form.

For example, do you believe you have to work hard to get rich? Add to that list all of the things your friends, parents and relatives said about money when you were growing up. For example, did you hear your parents or grandparents say “money is a sin”? Don’t analyse your thoughts just yet. Simply write down what you believe and what you heard growing up.

Now, one sentence at a time, take a look. Do you really believe that sentence about money? Why do you believe it? Why not? What experiences support or disprove that belief?

It may take you several days to work through this list of beliefs. That’s okay. At the end of the list you will have a new belief system about money. Because chances are the things you thought you believed about money aren’t really true. For example, not everyone has to work hard to get rich. Some people are lucky. Some win the lottery. Some inherit money. Embrace these new beliefs. Use them to support your money habits and a positive mindset.


Affirmations are positive statements. For example, “Everything I do returns profits to me.” Use affirmations to help eliminate negative thoughts about money. You’ve just explored your limiting beliefs. Hopefully you’ve eliminated them. However, it can take time to erase them from your psyche. Use affirmations to replace your negative thoughts with positive ones.

When you recognise a negative money thought, replace it with a positive one. Write it down and repeat it several times a day. Becoming conscious of your thoughts about money is the first step. Changing them to positive thoughts is the powerful second step.

Good Habits

Finally, embrace your affirmations and new beliefs to create good money habits. These don’t have to be major life changes. Small changes can make a big difference. For example, start setting aside £25 each week in a savings account. This small step can reap large rewards. Start paying off your credit cards by adding £100 to each payment. Again, a small step but one that can really make you feel positive about your money.

Money is a part of life. Changing the way you think about it can change your life. Take a look at your beliefs. Explore your thoughts. And embrace new habits that make a difference.