Going the Extra Mile for a Customer

Without customers you wouldn’t have a business. It’s important to take steps to retain customers and keep them happy. Often going the extra mile means the difference between a loyal customer and one that only buys from you once. Here’s how to go the extra mile for a customer.

#1 Over deliver. Going the extra mile for your customer means delivering more than you promised. Have you ever ordered anything online and received it several days before you expected it? It’s a wonderful feeling when you have such a nice surprise. That’s how you want your customers to feel.

#2 Be available. How many times have you tried to get a hold of someone at a company only to get the runaround? You leave messages and send emails without any response. As a business owner you can go the extra mile simply by being available. Make it easy to contact you, or someone who represents your company. Offer several options including email and telephone.

#3 Make using your website or business as easy as possible. That means ensuring that your visitor or customer has all the information they need, and that all information is easy to find. Consider, in addition to a straightforward and easy-to-use website, having a FAQ page.

#4 Be ready, willing and able to apologise – even when you’re right. When it comes to your customer it generally doesn’t matter who is right. You want your customer to feel validated, respected and valued. An apology can often make things right. “I’m sorry,” are two simple words. It doesn’t cost you anything to say them. Yet it might cost you if you don’t say them.

#5 Offer the best product or service possible. Even if a customer isn’t satisfied, you can rest at night knowing you did your absolute best. And 99% of the time the customer will be thrilled with the superior product or service you provided. When you put your full effort into your business you’re going the extra mile for your customer. You’re doing everything in your power to ensure they’re satisfied. That’s the best you can do.

#6 Do the research. Take a look at your customer. What do they want and need from you? What can you do to surprise them? What extra value can you offer? What are their problems? When you can provide these things to your customer, you’re going above and beyond.

#7 Give them stuff for free. Who doesn’t like swag? Occasionally, just because they’re a customer, send your customers freebies. Give them a free report. Send them a coupon. Show the love.

Going the extra mile is good for your customer. And what’s good for your customer is good for you. Take some time to ensure your customer knows just how much you value them.