Make Your Marketing Budget Go Further

Marketing often consumes the majority of a business budget. Unfortunately, there’s rarely enough money to cover all of the marketing expenses you want or need. The good news is that there are surefire ways to stretch your marketing budget and make it work harder for you without spending any extra money.

1 Repurpose Everything

Let’s say you spend a good chunk of change hiring someone to create an advertisement for you. You have the graphics and the copy and you publish the advertisement on specifically chosen websites or in periodicals. You can use this same advertisement to reach people via direct mail and email. You might even have it printed on post cards which you hand out at your next networking event. Or scan it into your computer and include it as part of your email signature.

Another example are the stock photos that you might purchase. Don’t just use them once and then let them collect dust on your desktop. Use them in as many ways possible to get the most bang for your buck. Repurpose email marketing messages into article marketing pieces or vice versa. With each marketing tactic, consider how you can repurpose it and use it in other valuable ways.


There are many facets of marketing that can be exorbitantly expensive. For example stock photos can run a company hundreds of pounds annually. Yet you can take a photo yourself for free – and get exactly what you want. Write your own marketing email messages and PPC advertisements. Sure, it may take you a little time to perfect your craft, however you know your audience and you know how to communicate with them.

3 Outsource to Freelancers

When you outsource marketing needs you have two choices. You can generally hire a specialty company to manage the task for you, or you can hire a freelancer. It can take more time to screen freelancers to find a qualified one, however you can save a significant amount of money by finding hidden talent on a freelance job site.

Finally, be sure to test and track everything. Continue doing what works and cut the rest loose. Only spend your time, money, and energy on proven tactics. Sure, you’ll need to continue to try new things. However, start them slowly, use them in limited amounts and keep tight control on the results. Test and track your data every step of the way to make sure you’re spending your marketing budget wisely.